Who Are We?

Filthy&Formal is a modern fashion brand that offers high-end organic clothing & accessories. Combining the persona of people who live on the edge, with high class gentlemen and ladies who live in a world of luxury. We convey this lifestyle of luxury & freedom through a form of finer streetwear. We offer high-end organic streetwear, along with casual, premium activewear. We will be offering a formal line in the near future. All while doing so in an ethical and sustainable process. 


What Makes Us Special?

As a brand we encourage people to live with purpose. The world we live in consists of over 7 billion people and 99% of those people are invisible and soon forgotten. If you want your story to be remembered you have to do something to stand out. As a company we make it our goal to inspire people not only to live the Filthy&Formal lifestyle, but to make a difference in the world while living your best life. 

Not only are we inspiring people to live life to the maximum, but we're also helping preserve life by constructing positive environmental changes. Majority of our products are made from organic cotton or other natural & sustainable materials. Choosing to use organic cotton is part of our commitment to protecting the environment. The process of growing organic cotton saves 91% more water and produces around 46% less carbon emissions than conventional cotton. Also, organic cotton is consistently proven to be softer than regular cotton. This is because organic cotton has longer fibers. Organic cotton is handpicked, which ensures the fibers don't get weakened or broken, resulting in softer and more durable products. (conventional cotton is typically machine-picked). So not only are you benefiting from wearing Filthy&Formal, but our earth benefits as well. We believe that in order to live life on this earth to it's fullest, we the people need to give back. We feel we owe it to our planet in exchange for all the good times it provides. 

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